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Alina ROTENBERG. THE MUSICAL COMPROMISE. Some advice to singers and coach-pianists of opera. 2d edition revised and completed

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Translated into English by Igor P. Stulikov

“The Musical Compromise” book is a result of A. Rotenberg's many years experience of work as a coach-pianist of opera. It is written in an easy and intelligible language, contains a good number of professional advice and can be safely taken for a practical manual for both the author's colleagues and the soloist who will find in it much useful material for work on their own. Surely, the edition is first of all addressed to the young pianists, who have decided to devote themselves to the cause of working in the opera house.
2d edition completed with chapter “Competitions”, which, in opinion of the author, is being actual nowadays. A.?Rotenberg describes in details not only a process of preparation, but as well as the specificity of performance of competition programs.


Foreword. What is the musical compromise like 6

I. Choosing Profession of the Opera Coach-Pianist 8

II. Peculiarities of the Opera Coach-Pianist’s Work at the Theatre 17

III. Work with the Soloists on Opera Parts 29
1.?How to Train a Singer to Pass a Part to the Conductor 42
2.?Stage Rehearsals 44
3.?Versions of Operas 45
4.?Rhythm 46
5.?Recitatives 53
6.?Diction 57
7.?Translation of Operas 59

IV. Vocal Image 61
1.?Work on the Vocal Image 61
2.?The Drama of the Vocal Image 70
3.?Observation of Phrasing 71
4.?Effective Endings 75
5.?Cadences 78
6.?Breathing 80
7.?False Devices 85

V. Coach-Pianist’s Relations with Soloists 87

VI. Versions of Facilitation for Piano Arrangements of Arias 92

VII. Concerts 96

VIII. Competitions 112

N.?I.?Golubovskaya’ exercises 126
Medley on the Themes out of Classic Operettas 131
Popular recipes for vocalists 145